Friday & Saturday, 27-28 November 2015

Theme: Collegiality in Pedagogical Theory and Best Practices in Teaching & Research

Participants: Higher Education Lecturers in State Universities & Private Institutions of Higher Learning on payment of a participation fee of 10,000 Fcfa.

Online Participation Confirmation at

Objectives: The objectives of this seminar are to assist participants to:

  1. Conduct a collegial internal evaluation, particularly institutional performance for the 2014-2015 academic year and fine-tune pedagogy the 2015-2016 academic year.
  2. Master key elements of pedagogy for Teacher Education in particular and higher education
  3. Understand the roles and relationships of various stakeholders involved in higher education.
  4. Master (a) how to work collegially and effectively with all involved in the student teaching-learning processes, (b) to guide and supervise learners and manage classroom processes, (c) action research skills in classroom processes and student learning and teaching.
  5. Acquire micro-skills in accurately and helpfully evaluating student-teacher and own proficiencies and how to evaluate and readily make recommendations for the on-going improvement of course contents.
  6. Articulate a personal philosophy of effective teaching and supervision, reflecting on and analysing the supervisory process and developing more effective supervision strategies.


Workshop One: Friday: Core Themes of the Seminar

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Welcome and General Orientation: The VC of UBa
  3. The Teaching Mission of University Intuitions: Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh
  4. Collegiality and Interdisciplinarity in Education & Research: Prof. Nyasse Barthelemy
  5. Reflections on Hidden Pedagogic Lessons in Performance Statistics: Prof. Tita & Dr. Nguendjo
  6. Pedagogical Theory and Practice: Prof. Bame Nsamenang


Workshop Two: Saturday: Core Themes of the Seminar

  1. Planning Learning & Competency-Based Preparation of Lesson Notes: Mr. Scot Ngu
  2. Classroom Processes and Action Research: Prof. Therese Tchombe
  3. Learning to Learn: Dr.Ernest Ngwana Mondi
  4. Principles of Effective Teaching and Learning: Dr. Looh Joseph Lah
  5. Academic Performance Tracking and Evaluation: Prof. Martin Amin


Closing Session

  1. 1967-2017: 50 Years of Teaching Education in Bambili
  2. HTTC Educational Research Journal
  3. Award of Certificates of Participation
  4. Vote of Thanks
  5. Farewell Cocktail

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