We wish to inform the general public that the competitive entrance examination into the Higher Teachers training college has been launched. The press release for the first year of First and second cycles can be downloaded at the following links.

-Click here to access registration online


  1. There is no PHILOSOPHY, GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING and SCIENCE OF EDUCATION for the First year First Cycle entrance examination;
  2. The Registration is exclusively online.
  3. The downloaded form after online registration should be printed and attached with the documents to compile.
  4. The Right Account N° for NFC is : 0301730101738719


  1. Ngiri Roland

    Thanks For The News Update.

  2. Tasi Egbe Mbikang

    Dear Sir,
    I am an aspirant and prospective candidate for this year’s recently published public exams into ENS Bamibili. I wish to comment on the enormous efforts that ENS, ENSET and above all University of Bamenda has improved upon its services to the general public. May the good Lord continue to guide and lead you people to the attainment of 2035 emergence goal by the Government of Cameroon.
    Long live ENS Bambili
    Long live ENSET Bambili
    Long live University of Bamenda
    Long live Republic of Cameroon.

  3. wung vicky

    Am ver y happy that finally the entrance has bin lanuched.i am aspiring to write.i am a final year student at the unversity of buea who has made it in all her courses but was told i can write using trancript.how true is this.does that means i have to wait stil next year when i hav gotten my attestation.SHALOM

  4. cho oliver

    I am very optimistic that if the administration of the university of Bamenda continue to work hard in this way,then surely the university of Bamenda will become the university of the Future in indeed.One thing am praying hard for is that the authorities in place should barred the way for corruption and bribery and give room for meritocray and Cameroon will surely emmerge before 2035 as defined by our able president his excellency biya Paul.Long live the vice chancellor; long UNIBA;long live Cameroon.

  5. njeongwo bernard

    good work!

  6. Afa T Clare

    Please can u give more information about the requirements and documents needed for compilation.

    1. admin

      please read the text launching the exam for more details

  7. Sammy w Lemfon

    Truly you are the university of the future.This is the power house that will enhance our emergence.oh yes this is just the dream of our forefathers being realized.Long live uba.

  8. ayamba enow ayamba

    i like that

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